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As a growing community church, we at Harvest International Church have various ministries you can be part of so we can serve God together.

christian small group holding hands and praying together around wooden tableThe body of Christ has many parts. You can serve in the church as a singer, a youth leader, a Sunday School teacher, or any of the ministries you believe God has called you to serve Him.

  • Praise and Worship: We regularly assemble in church services to praise and worship God with spiritual songs and hymns.
  • Couples Ministry: We build couple relationships in the strong foundation of the word of God for a healthy and long lasting married life.
  • Children’s Ministry: We have been taught to teach the children in the way they should go so we make sure we have biblical teachers to guide them.
  • Evangelism Team: We mentor strong men and women to learn how to win souls for Christ as commanded in Matthew 28:19-20 and Mark 16:15-18.
  • Youth Ministry: In today’s complicated time, young people need more scriptural measures to follow and live with to avoid worldly compromise.
  • Young Adults: Young professionals are being led in the church to give them knowledge in dealing with their lives either in the house or office setting.
  • Men’s Ministry: As Christian men, it is necessary to see how the Bible has laid down the principles of leading a family and the community as a whole.
  • Women’s Ministry: We help women to see the specific teachings from the word of God about their functions either inside or outside of the church.
  • Hospitality: We make the church as a house ready to welcome every individual no matter the race or status in the society for them to see the love of God.

If you want to choose to serve through our ministries in the church, you can connect with us anytime at your convenience.